3 Year Extended Warranty

TAS65-189 steering gearbox remanufactured by H&H Truck Parts in Cleveland, OH at their commercial truck repair shop.

3 Year Extended Warranty

The HHTP 3 year extended warranty adds 1 year of parts replacement limited warranty in addition to our 2 year parts replacement and labor plus towing limited warranty. This 3rd year of replacement parts coverage is subject to but not limited to conditions stated herein.  H&H Truck Parts warrants this component, when properly installed, will be free of any defects in material and workmanship under normal use and proper maintenance.

Year            Coverage  

1st               Parts replacement and labor plus towing limited warranty

2nd              Parts replacement and labor plus towing limited warranty

3rd               Parts replacement limited warranty 

Warranty Exclusions

H&H Truck Parts warranty shall not extend to any product that has been subject to:

  • accident, damage, negligence, abuse or misuse including shock load or spin out damage.  
  • improper installation or maintenance including operating with incorrect or low lubrication. 
  • abnormal operating conditions 
  • alteration or modification 
  • a purpose or application different from that for which it was designed 
  • damage caused from vibration in drive-line, clutch, or suspension 
  • Oil leaks created from parts used in conjunction with this unit such as yokes, oil coolers and cooler lines, PTO's, and thru shafts, and Pittman arms

H&H Truck Parts will not cover down time expense, lodging expense, or any other expense that is not listed herein.

H&H Truck Parts warranty does not cover seals that leak after 30 days.  It is the responsibility of the customer to maintain proper lubrication levels at all times and failure to do so may void warranty of that component.

Parts Replacement Warranty Coverage Policy

H&H Truck Parts will cover the cost of replacement parts only for the repairs of all HHTP approved parts replacement limited warranty claims.  H&H Truck Parts will fund the cost of parts directly to the shop doing the repairs after all repairs, procedures, forms, and paperwork have been submitted and approved.  HHTP maintains the right to request any documents or request the failed parts prior to or after the completion of the repairs.  Failure to do so may void payment of or any future repairs needed.  

 *The term HHTP used throughout the policies, terms, and conditions is referencing H&H Truck Parts, LLC a commercial truck repair shop in Cleveland, OH and is not meant for any other purpose than the abbreviation of H&H Truck Parts, LLC.